Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Coffee Appreciation Workshop

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Coffee Appreciation & Hands-on Barista Workshop


Time   = 8:00 a.m - 12:00 Noon

Price = RM 450 Per Person (Inclusive of 6% GST)

(Minimum 5 People)

The below items are included in this package;

  1. Snacks and Drinks for breakfast.
  2. Brewhouse 8 oz KeepCup for each participant, which enable you to enjoy RM1 discount on drinks whenever you bring back Brewhouse KeepCup for takeaway.
  3. Each participant gets a chance to experience hands-on espresso making process and make their very own latte/latte art. 

OUTLINE as below;

-  Introduction to coffee history & green coffee beans theory and different species.

-  Introduction to range of coffee makers, grinders and basic machines operation.

-  Understanding basic and good coffee brewing principal.

-  Define character of single origin coffee and blend.

-  Explore the different way to appreciate single origins coffee by using Aeropress.

-  Preparing coffee work station and understand the essential barista tools needed in order to achieve good coffee making.

-  Understand espresso and correct extraction principal. (Perfect Espresso Shot)

-  Essence of stretching and texturing to make wonderful milk-based espresso beverages.

-  Introduction to Latte Art.

-  Understanding the basic and explore the different espresso beverages.

-  Summary and Q & A session.

Total Hours = (4 hrs)

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