Barista Training Course

Barista Training Course

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Why Learn From BREWHOUSE?

More than just issuing you a certificate of achievement, our quality hands-on coffee training will share with you on how to make an outstanding cup with consistency so that your customers or guests will return for more!

What will be provided?

   - Training notes and tips for each participant.

   - A certificate of participation will be issued upon completion.

Course Fee

  - RM 1,450 per participant



* Choose a date and SIGN UP with your preferred time for our Intensive Hands-on Barista Workshop now! Or EMAIL US for more information. 

Who Should Attend?

•       Planning to start your own cafe in the future and serve quality espresso beverages.

•       Existing cafe owners or currently working as a barista who have yet to learn proper barista skills and best practices.

•       Coffee lovers who want to make excellent coffee at home like a professional.


•       No previous coffee making experience required.

•       Have an open mind and strong desire to master new coffee making techniques.

Overall Objectives of Workshop for the Participants

•       Master the best practices and effective techniques required of a professional barista to consistently produce great tasting espresso beverages.

•       Learn the tip and tricks of pouring latte art.

Professional Barista Workshop Outline – Hands-on



-       Introduction to coffee history & green coffee beans theory and different species.

-       Introduction to range of coffee makers, grinders and basic machines operation.

-       Understanding basic and good coffee brewing principal.

-       Preparing coffee work station and understand the essential barista tools needed to achieve good coffee making.


-       Overview of grinders and espresso machines and learn how to calibrate them.

-       Understand espresso and correct extraction principal. (Perfect Espresso Shot).

-       Essence of stretching and texturing to make wonderful milk based espresso beverages.

-       Introduction to Latte Art.

-       Clean and maintenance of coffee machine and work station.



-       Define character of single origin coffee and blend.

-       Calibrate grinder for brewing method by Aeropress, for single origins and blend.

-       Explore the different way to appreciate single origins coffee by using Aeropress.


-       Understanding the basic and exploring the different espresso beverages.

-       Barista trainees hands-on session on theory learned earlier to efficiently make core espresso beverages.

-       Course Summary and Q & A session.

Total Hours = 8 Hours (4 hrs/ day)


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