PALLO Group Head Brush

PALLO Group Head Brush

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The Pallo Espresso Machine Group Head Brush is a better, smarter way to clean your espresso machine group heads. Unlike other brushes, its unique patented design and water deflector fins keep your hands cool and dry while cleaning. The onboard dosing spoon measures the appropriate amount of detergent and the steam wand vent poker unclogs blocked vent holes!


Features & Benefits:

- Replaceable Bristle Inserts

- Steam Wand Vent Hole unclogger

- Water Deflector Fins

- Thumb rest

- Detergent Scoop

- Ergonomic Handle


Aside from the fact these two brushes are both used to clean your espresso machine’s group heads, the similarities stop there. The award winning Coffeetool is a truly unique, multi-function tool designed specifically to prevent scalding water from reaching your hands while you clean. Add to this our replaceable bristles, pre-measured detergent spoon and replaceable steam wand vent poker and you'll agree that there really are no comparisons. Try one for yourself and feel the difference.


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