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The Ditting 804 Series Coffee Grinders are best used for coffee grinding in a cupping room or lab, or for restaurants.

The KR804 Series has the addition of a vibrator plate as well as different design of the discharge tube.

Whether you want to grind a large or small amount of coffee, whether the grind needs to be fine or coarse: in our range of products you will find the right machine for your requirements.

Ditting grinders reflect the latest state of the art capabilities. This is achieved through consistent, on-going development of the individual units taking current customer requirements into account and by adapting to safety and hygiene regulations.

The key part of any grinder is the grinding mechanism. Ditting attaches special importance to the design and manufacture of outstanding grinding mechanisms which guarantee uniform and gentle grinding whatever setting is required, time and time again. For you and your customers, this uniform grinding ensures a full release of aroma and extraction of flavor comes to fruition during the brewing process.


The most important characteristics of retail grinders at a glance:

•    Uniform and gentle grinding

•    High grinding capacity

•    Wear-resistant, precision grinding mechanism; grinding discs can be resharpened several times with proper use.

•    Infinitely-adjustable fineness setting, from Turkish, Espresso, and Filter to Coarse

•    Simple and safe operation

•    Specially developed cooling fan

•    High reliability and long service life, 30 years and more are not unusual

•    Easy to clean and maintain

•    Spare parts and service guarantee


Whether they are for service in small coffee stores or in a large laboratory for cupping, the series 804 models are valued for their impressive functionality and reliability. Since these machines are extremely easy to clean, they are increasingly used where coffee beans of different flavors have to be ground as this requires more frequent and thorough cleaning.

Specially developed motors allowing large grinding capacity at all degrees of fineness.

Preservation of coffee's unique aromatic oils thanks to uniform, gentle and cool-grinding made possible by specially sharpened discs developed by Ditting. -Continuously variable adjustment of grinding fineness.

Minimal coffee particles left in discharge tube thanks to manual tapper.

Efficient bag shaking device (KR model) distributes grounds evenly into bag and ensures all particles are dispensed.

Precision grinding discs made of high-quality material that is extremely wear-resistant. The original discs can be used 2-3 times after re-sharpening.

Easy to maintain and clean.


Ditting KR804 Series Coffee Grinder Technical Data


110-120V / 60Hz / 1*

Motor power

0.65 KW

Average grinding capacity


Hopper capacity


Grinding discs (Grinder Burrs)


Net weight


Dimensions (W x D x H)


Standard color

Black Only

UL, NSF, ETL according to NSF-8 standards

*Other electrical specifications are available upon request

**These figures may vary according to the method of roasting and type of coffee beans



Ditting KR804 Series Coffee Grinder Features

Magnet for hopper

Manual bag holding device

Bag shaker


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