MONIN Roasted Hazelnut 0.7L

MONIN Roasted Hazelnut 0.7L

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Building on the popularity of MONIN Hazelnut in speciality coffees, MONIN Roasted Hazelnut was developed to deliver a more powerful hazelnut flavour which would complement even the strongest coffee.

The nut of the Hazel tree, also known as a cobnut or filbert nut depending on species, hazelnut goes well with chocolate.  This makes it popular in confectionery as well as a main ingredient in the chocolate spread Nutella and the vodka-based liqueur Frangelico.  It is also a popular pudding flavour used in meringues and as a paste in Viennese tortes.

MONIN Roasted Hazelnut bottles the intense, smoky richness of roasting with a toffee nose and sweet praline aftertaste making it the perfect complement to coffee and a stunning ingredient for creating dessert cocktails.

Gold with amber glints

Tasting notes
Strong roasted hazelnut nose with toffee notes. Dry, hearty and rich flavour of roasted hazelnut aroma, very round, mouthful with some praline aftertaste.


Beverage Innovation Directors tips
You will simply crave for MONIN Roasted Hazelnut! Its incredible taste offers an extended range of drink possibilities! Imagine a delicate frothy milk and a scrumptious Italian espresso with a hint of a perfectly roasted hazelnut flavour in a classic Latté or a chilled old fashioned signature martini set up in a mixing glass. No matter the drink’s type, the full body of MONIN Roasted Hazelnut will always be revealed perfectly!


  •  Coffee applications
  •  Dessert drinks
  • Milkshakes


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